We are

Charlottes Elite Design Specialist Team in Modern Furniture and Design.


We offer an unparalleled, hands-on, creative approach to assisting you in the design process of turning your "Space Before" into your "Happily Ever After". Upon receiving the details of your design, we will conduct a 30 minute custom consultation to direct the path of your project. 

Let our team of dedicated visionaries to breathe life into your aesthetic aspirations. Please allow us to introduce ourselves...

We are Modern Furniture.

We are Dynamic Design.

We are Amodernary.

Tiffany Hassa, our behind the scenes Visionary, brings over 10 years of Sales Management and Design-Build Industry experience to the Amodernary Galleria Team. Her imaginative ambition is the driving force behind several key elements of the Amodernary Brand and Team Development. She's strategically aligned to amplify the creativity and success of each of our Design Specialists, as well as continuously develop an innovative edge on the core values and missions of Amodernary. Her keen awareness to detail and constant pursuit of the elevated, finer things which inspire her lifestyle, position her as integral part of Amodernary Furniture and Designs.

Tiffany has been involved in the Charlotte Design and Build industries’ finest Associations, including Nari, NKBA, IDS, LKNHBA and more, supporting the agenda of growth, awareness, and community building. She developed a heightened awareness for a specific love and passion in this industry through the field of Stone design, for which she is still sought for her knowledge and expertise.  

Those who meet her shouldn't be surprised to know that there’s more than meets the eye. Travel, exploration, adventure, and overall passion to seek the unique and spontaneous are driving forces behind her expectation of life.


Wife, Mother, Inspiration Ignitor, Athletic Competitor, Thrill-seeker, and occasionally, advocate for a night-in with a Spanish red, her personal ambitions offer a perfect professional to pleasure balance to the vision of her overall lifestyle.

She warmly welcomes you to Amodernary Funiture and Designs, and encourages you to let your vision flourish, knowing that by trusting the Amodernary Visionaries, your innermost Design Desires will come to life.  

"I am Jacoy Funderburk, a 21-year-old Design Specialist for 

Amodernary Furniture Designs. 


For the last 7 years, Interior Design has been my prominent and primary passion, and as a Design Specialist, I've found the perfect fit for my talent, one that's truly a dream come true. At Amodernary, my calling for Interior Design finds harmony with the uniquely curated pieces we procure for our clients.

     In addition to my interior passions, painted art is an integral part of my design work, and I carefully consider art options when a client's vision calls for the perfect piece. I can also provide custom 2D designs for clients who require additional visionary assistance. Specializing in modern, mid-century, and contemporary styles, I embark upon each of my design opportunities carrying a vow, a design oath.


I vow to efficiently design your space in a unique way in an effort to influence the lifestyle that you, my client, desires and deserves. 

     At Amodernary, I'm so proud of the opportunity and blessing I have to be able to explore the possibilities of my clients' visions, coupled with my talent and eye for design. Working with me, I personally assure you can expect an ebullience of light welcomed into your space.


Welcome to Amodernary and thank you for considering me as your designer!"





Carlos Fuller

Alexandra Huff

Jacoy Funderburk

CEO + Principal Design Specialist

Executive Manager + Design Specialist

Design Specialist

Tiffany Hassa

Business Development + Galleria Sales Manager

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